Weekly report June 2017

This report is made for you, Jelly Key dearest friends.

Group buy status update:

Artifact Series Oasis and Raindance and Guardian of the East

Guardian of the East

  • All of the keycap for Fury & Overseer version is shipped to fulfillment center
  • You expect to receive the tracking code after 2 weeks is max. From June 16 2017.
  • We will inform you if there are anything news

Nebula Series - Pillar of Creation (if you are in the group of 20 lucky one)

  • You got the tracking code already, some of you received it
  • Don’t hesitate to let us know.

Infinite Abyss and Minion Orc

  • There are some mess up with the fulfillment
  • Please contact us as soon as possible about the delay.

Jelly Cake

  • Jelly cake is in the production
  • We will inform you in the next Report

Mediterranean Beach Resort keycap (flagship sale)

  • The Keycap is in the production
  • We will inform you in the next report

New Group Buy:

Why now, all of this time? 

  • We want to warm up after a long time of no Group Buy
  • There are some time gap between each stage of making a keycap, and our artisan want to fill it with a new keycap.
  • To prevent any conflict in timeline we will put the limit to the keycap.

What keycap?