Summarize - The Forbidden Realm Giveaway

We have made 3 prototypes of The Forbidden Realm and gave away all of them. 

We got many answers for the questions that we stated in our give away. Those answer is so surprising and very much motivate us to move forward with Jelly Key.

In our Discord we asked “What is your most positive experience with mechanical keyboard community?”  next is on r/mk “How r/mk positively affect your enthusiasm for mechanical keyboard?

We got more than 4000 answers in total, and 99% of them is very positive. Those kind words bring us so much joy of being one of the artisan of mechanical keyboard community. This is a great place to be a part of, to have a feeling of belonging something bigger than ourself, something that people enthusiasm about.

Mechanical keyboard community is full of surprise, inspiration, and interesting people whom willing to help to share and to debate with you as long as it influences positively to the community.

So, we will keep Jelly Key stay as long as possible to bring creativity and uniqueness to the community.

  1. July 14, 2017 - The Cloud Cliff was given to Ansonii in the give away on Jelly Key Discord server. The raffle process was recorded.
  2. July 15 2017 - The Cyan Lake was given to @japanitrat in the give away on Mechkeys Discord server. This giveaway was chosen by a bot of Mechkeys discord
  3. July 16 2017  - The Purple Valley was given to /u/worlds_unravel in the give away on r/mk. The raffle process was recorded.