[Friday fool][Coming soon] Bonsai keycaps - Prototype

[Friday fool][Coming soon] Bonsai keycaps

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Today, yours truly, Steven, am all geared up to reveal our groundbreaking creation: the Bonsai Keycaps, born from the robustness of concrete. Picture this: a keycap that doubles as a tiny planter, allowing you to nurture a speck of greenery atop your keyboard. And guess what? They’re waterproof, ensuring your botanical keyboard adventures stay mess-free. This bit of genius first sprouted into existence in 2016, merely a year after Jelly Key came into being. Indeed, we’ve been at the forefront of keycap innovation, constantly pushing the envelope in craftsmanship, materials, and designs that are nothing short of revolutionary.

Let’s cut to the chase: this venerable eight-year-old design prototype is set for a grand Groupbuy release this year. So, start gathering your soil and seeds. And for a blast from the past, click here to check out our original post on r/MK, and get ready for a verdant typing experience like no other.

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