A story about Profit or Quality

At the very beginning, when we started Jelly Key we asked ourselves: Do we want to make profit, or do we want to make the unique keycaps with design and quality that hadn’t been done before?

After so many debates, we decided to put profit aside and allowed ourselves to design and present marvelous keycap that the mechanical community hasn’t witnessed. Most of our sales come to R&D and compensate for the defected product.

There are two notable cases about the trade-off between profit and quality: one is The First Fronter(spacebar) and Like/Unlike (1u keycap). We produced around 500 spacebars to get 205 finest spacebars to deliver to MassDrop customers. We made around 90 Like/Unlike keycap to deliver 19 keycaps to customers. That’s because we want to make sure that every single customer gets the keycap that is worth the cost they spend and the time they have to wait.

Do you think it is worth owning any JellyKey keycap?

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