Halloween Token Keycaps

Halloween is about to come, and we are preparing to visit Land of the Death. In order to do so, we need to get some token to enter the realm. 

With our knowledge about Land of the Death we design 3 tokens in a sharp of mechanical keyboard keycap.

With the interest of mechanical keyboard community,  we have tried to handcraft this series for a week, and we would love to let you know that it is possible for us to run a small GB for this series. It wont be many as Mid Autumn festival (400 keycap limit for 4 keycap design). We will set it around 150 for this 3 (50 keycaps each), the GB may closed earlier than expected. All of our design is one-off, thus we prefer to open this GB one time only, if we open another one it would come with other color.


Jelly Key artisan photo  0005.jpg
  • It likes regular pumpkin but possessed by evil spirit.
  • It was design with paper and the keycap mold was hand sculpt with tool and clay, then we used silicon mold and resin to cast the final product.
  • The final keycap is fully hand painted with brush and oil color


Jelly Key artisan photo  0001.jpg
  • Outer layer has the same design as Pumpkin Head, but we put a little brain inside the keycap
  • The tiny brain was casted separately with white resin and we hand painted the blood vessel

Chery MX Brain

Jelly Key artisan photo  0009.jpg
  • The brain is positioned on the top of a Cherry MX profile keycap
  • Translucent toxic is poured over the top of the brain and the keycap, it erodes non organic compound such as resin
  • The Tiny brain inside was casted separately, and the blood vessel was hand-painted

Sidenote: With the giveaway, we received many feedback, mostly about the color. We would like to correct that the green color of slime on top of the brain is actually brighter than the color in the video clip we shot with our smartphone. 

You can find the process of making Land of the Dead as well as some of our artwork here.

Jelly Key artisan photo  0023.jpg

Some spec about the keycap:

  • Design and handcrafted by Jelly Key
  • Cherry MX Compatible  (this is not TMX stem, it just our own design for the stem)
  • Size: 1 U (suitable for Esc key or F round)

They keycap will come with

  • A premium wooden box
  • A dogtag with unique serial number, which match the keycap
  • A ton of gratitude from Jelly Key artisan team.

Groupbuy timeline:

  • Open: Oct 18 2017
  • Close Oct 23 2017
  • Handcrafting time: 40 days
  • Shipping time (from Vietnam): 2-3 weeks


  • We want you to really enjoy the keycap, so we will warranty the stem of the keycap for one month after you receive your keycap.