Artisan keyboard showroom

We believe that the 60% keyboard is designed for the purpose of being compact and portable,
and in this *case* it should be light-weight.
We also won’t forget about that one certain clacker who is deeply in love with LEDs,
so this case is designed to be shine-through.

Codename Zephyr

The top case is a uni-body design in which is CNC’d out of a solid block of aluminum, and the bottom case plate is interchangeable. This plate can be swapped out with acrylic (clear plastic), artisan plates, metal plates – you name it! By default, the bottom case plate is clear plastic, so that the LEDs on the keyboard can glow under the chassis of the case.

Codename Serenity

The Serenity keyboard case is an eyecatching display of colours that give your keyboard a brilliant and warm artisan feel. The colour mix and matching can be coordinated with your keysets, artisans, custom cables, and cool kickers that you choose to your heart’s content. The case is hand polished and casted to ensure that the fusion of colours glimmer underneath your eyes as light hits the Serenity keyboard case. Our artisan Serenity keyboard case creator hopes to bring you joy and warmth with the soothing mixture of floating colours that dwell on your precious keyboard.

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