[Prototype]8-bit series: Gaismas Kingdom artisan keycaps - Prototype

[Prototype]8-bit series: Gaismas Kingdom artisan keycaps

The giveaway ended with the winner is : 156

A prototype giveaway is always an indispensable event for every new collection launch. The magic in the kingdom of light – Gaismas Kingdom will certainly bring luck to you to win a keycap of the new 8-bit series for free.

Join the giveaway now with straightforward steps:

  • Enter your email (please note that only each can be used once, and we will email you if you win, please use an actual email).
  • We will roll three times using random.org and pick the 3rd number as the winner.
  • The winner can choose any one keycap in this collection.
  • Shipping will start the following week. (free of charge)
  • The giveaway will end on 3/20/2023 at 11 PM (GMT+7), and the Groupbuy will open simultaneously (Groupbuy was one day delayed because my SSD broke and I lost all products photoshoots).
  • After the giveaway ends, I will send out a 5% coupon for this Groupbuy.
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8 bit v4 (2)

Update 4 3/15/23

The prototypes for the 8-bit set are nearly complete, and the outcome is remarkable. My personal favourite two-tone colour scheme consists of a black and blue-grey set for a cool and versatile look that complements other cool-toned keysets, and a grey and black set with red accents for a striking high-contrast effect that stands out against any backdrop.

While the 8-bit set is being photographed, I’ll also create an art toy version of a game’s swordsman character, along with stickers or mouse pads, as a gift. The final profile I completed is the Droplet, which I tested with my Cherry keyset and found to be the perfect height, providing a smooth typing experience and impressive visual effects.

In summary, the group buy for the 8-bit set will open this Monday (3/20 at 11 PM GMT+7)(Groupbuy was one day delayed because my SSD broke and I lost all products photoshoots) and the Prototype giveaway on Saturday with all four profiles – Cherry, OEM, SA, and Droplet – in standard keyset sizes. I want to thank everyone for their patience and give special thanks to the fans who helped Steven complete this incredible version of the 8-bit. Remember to subscribe using the form above to receive a 5% discount coupon for this Groupbuy.

8 bit keycaps making
8 bit v4 (3)
8 bit v4 (4)
8 bit v4 (1)

Update 3 3/9/23

After a week of work, I have finalised the design and layout of the new battle for this 8-bit version. The character details and spells have more intricacies, and holding it in your hands; you may need to use a new macro lens to appreciate its beauty fully.

Casting these small components required us to use a softer silicon to maintain the details and angles to the best possible degree. This was a challenge in the production of the group buy. Additionally, I have completed two bright colour versions, and we will have two dark colour versions as well, making four colours to fit the key size.

A small note is that, like the previous 8-bit version, I will make stickers to give to those participating in the group buy (from 15-20th this month). It could also be a mouse pad. I have drawn a fun artwork for this group buy, and it would fit well with a mouse pad, so I will try printing and testing it out.

artwork 8bitv4
1 (1)

Update 2 3/3/23

Welcome to our exciting 8-bit series, which is the most intricate and complex full-casting keycaps series we offer. Each design is a new challenge for our talented design and production teams.

In our previous 8-bit series (Neon-era), we experimented with multi-layered colours in each resin layer. In this new series, we have added even more effects to the casting process, including using shadows on each stair and adding colours that are one tone deeper, resulting in a more pronounced and dynamic appearance.

It takes me approximately 2 hours to create the bottom layer and 10 hours to cast the spacebar 6.25u. Additionally, I spend another hour adding shadows to enhance the visual appeal of the keycaps. Our keycaps are entirely handmade, and we take considerable time to craft each with great care. We discard any keycaps that don’t meet our exacting standards per working step, which is why there may be some delay in delivery.

For this design, I am continuously seeking better hand tools to improve the size and detail of the characters, and I will provide updates as soon as possible. Thanks for your interest in our 8-bit series!

jelly key 8bitv4 keycaps 006
jelly key 8bitv4 keycaps 007
jelly key 8bitv4 keycaps 003

Update 1 2/20/23

Gaismas kingdom is known to be the Kingdom of Light. People live happily there with the light of the sun, the light of the stars and the light of the moon.

One day, a kingdom of light is suddenly turned into a kingdom of darkness. No one knows the reason until citizens see the castle on the hillside become more brilliant and marvellous with full of light. It is claimed that the Witch with the ambition of monopolising the kingdom steals the light by using her own magic.

People get panic and scream bitterly with no hope of winning the light back. Does the kingdom become shining and twinkling again?

It’s a magical world in our latest 8bit collection. See you all in this groupbuy for the new design and untold story.

8 niy keycaps set
jelly key 8bitv4 keycaps 019
jelly key 8bitv4 keycaps 018

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