Sweet Scrooge artisan keycaps for Christmas

These keycaps are cast with 100% resin to create the most spectacular colours. Each layer of resin comes in a different colour, which takes more than 16 hours to dry with each layer’s colour. This collection is 1u keycaps, fitted with MX stem and shipping within 30 days.

  • 1-to-1 replacement warranty with free shipping for replacement items. No-risk money-back guarantee ensures hassle-free refunds.
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Putting The Merry into Christmas 2022 at Jelly Key

Christmas is coming and we know you’re going to want to celebrate in style, so you’ll be pleased to hear we’re one step ahead of you.

Anyone who is fond of this festive season will surely embrace the Jelly Key Christmas Collection. And the Sweet Scrooge collection is filled with lovely Christmas decorations, colours, and figures to make this holiday season your best yet.

Stay tuned for the arrival of these merry characters of this year’s Christmas!

sweet scrooge artisan keycaps for christmas
jelly key xmas custom keycap 005
sweet scrooge artisan keycaps for christmas

Merry Octo, Santa’s Helper, Kringle Tala, Rudolph in Disguise, Festive Vasa, Jolly Tomatoe, Scroogey Hei

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