Untouched by Civilization

Far away, in a dense forest, deep inside the mountain, and under ancient trees, there is a hidden life isolated from others on the planet - a life of indigenous tribes. They live instinctively and maintained their tradition for thousands of years; They lived separated and uncontacted to keep their peace and survival. Day by day, they enjoy life and live in harmony with each other. For them, it is the best way to stay true to their roots. And one day, a stranger outside attempts to seek untold stories behind the isolation and bring hope to break the physical barriers. A small group in a tribe reaches out to stay connected, but others want to protect their survival by continued solitude... These keycaps are cast with 100% resin to create the most spectacular colours. Each layer of resin comes in a different colour, which takes more than 16 hours to dry with each layer’s colour. The Cat is 1u keycaps, fitted with MX stem and shipping within 30 days.  

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