Timber Haven artisan keycaps

Timber Haven artisan keycaps

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8 bit series gaismas kingdom artisan keycaps
timber haven artisan keycaps
timber haven artisan keycaps
timber haven artisan keycaps

Peaceful village in dense forest

In a small village deep within the dense forest, life is peaceful. Traditional wooden houses stand along a narrow road, shaded by towering trees. The villagers live in harmony with nature, relying on the land and forest for sustenance and support.

Ludwig, an elder respected for his wisdom, has spent years exploring and studying the forest. The villagers turn to him for guidance and help in difficult times.

The village’s rhythm follows the changing seasons. Each season, the people gather fruits, nuts, mushrooms, and herbs from the surrounding forest. They create delicious meals and share them during community gatherings.

Ludwig leads expeditions into the deep forest, teaching the young villagers to appreciate and respect the plants and animals, uncovering the mysteries of the Enchanted Land.

Discovery of a mysterious temple

One day, while walking in the forest, Ludwig discovers a mysterious temple hidden deep in the woods. The ancient structure, embraced by tree roots, holds mystical symbols. Ludwig realises it could be a gateway to the sacred realm of the Enchanted Land.

Inside, Ludwig encounters unique and unknown creatures. Colourful and peculiar trees, vibrant flowers blooming on tall branches, and rare animals roaming through the forest cracks captivate him.

Encounters and hidden treasures

Ludwig ventures deeper into the forest, exploring uncharted territories. He encounters more extraordinary creatures and plants, uncovering vast meadows and majestic hidden waterfalls.

Along his journey, Ludwig meets the forest dwellers, who share their traditions, stories, and forest secrets. Each step strengthens his connection with nature, revealing its beauty and power. He learns to live in harmony with the ever-changing environment and awakens his spiritual abilities.

Ludwig’s exploration continues, bringing new surprises every day. Memorable adventures, trustworthy companions, and the diversity of forest life enrich his experience.

With love and curiosity for nature, Ludwig continues his investigation, expanding the boundaries of knowledge within the unexplored forest.

People connect with vibrant nature and learn balance

Life in the village becomes even more magical. The villagers willingly explore and understand the wonders of the forest, forging a deep connection with nature’s vibrancy. They listen to the whispers of trees and feel the forest’s rhythm in every breath.

This enchanting village life teaches respect and balance between humans and nature. People learn that life thrives not only within the village but also in every meadow, stream, and lush canopy of the surrounding forests.

timber haven artisan keycaps
jelly key timber haven custom keycaps 203

Crafting masterpieces – The exquisite process of artisan keycap creation

The process begins with crafting the mould from the original design. Our artisan spends a dedicated 45 hours perfecting one prototype, meticulously sculpting every curve and intricate detail to ensure the final keycap embodies the intended concept and perfection.

Once the prototype is complete, the artisan moves on to the casting stage. Each layer of colour is poured into the mould and allowed to solidify. This time-consuming process takes approximately 22 hours for each colour layer. The artisan patiently waits for each layer to create clarity and sharpness in the keycap.

Not stopping there, the artisan proceeds to the hand-painting stage. Every stroke and colour is applied with meticulous care and craftsmanship, creating exquisite patterns and imagery on the keycap. The painting process takes about 3 hours, requiring the artisan’s concentration and honed skills to perfect every detail.

Finally, the keycap undergoes the resin coating, the last step in the keycap-making process. Our artisan must wait for a full 20 hours for the resin layer to dry and achieve a glossy finish. Although this period may seem long, it is essential to ensure durability and protect the keycap from external impacts.

After the resin layer has thoroughly dried, the artisan proceeds to the polishing stage, aiming to achieve a smooth and shiny surface for the final product. This labour-intensive and time-consuming process requires approximately 2 hours to ensure each detail is polished to perfection.

Once the polishing stage is completed, the keycap enters the quality control phase. The artisan meticulously inspects each detail, ensuring no flaws are present and the colours are accurately reproduced. This process also takes approximately 3 hours, as the artisan focuses and pays attention to every small detail to ensure the final product meets the desired level of quality and perfection.

Finally, after days and nights of dedicated work, the handmade keycap is completed with precision and heartfelt dedication. It represents complexity and devotion, embodying the fusion of artistry and craftsmanship. Each keycap is a unique masterpiece, ready to adorn and elevate your keyboard with its beauty and personalization.e


Hidden Lab

Fairy Haven

Forest Shelter

Timber Resort


  • MX stem
  • Profiles: SA r1 & r3, Droplet, Naked
  • Keycaps size: 1u
  • Design and Handcrafted by Jelly Key


  • $9 per keycap if you buy one.
  • $12 for 2 keycaps.
  • $16 for 3 keycaps.
  • $20 for 4 keycaps.
  • $20 for 5 keycaps.
  • Free shipping for 6 keycaps or more.

group-buy information

  • Open time: 6/4/2023
  • Close time: 6/14/2023
  • Estimated delivery time: 9/14/2023
  • We could close the GB sooner than expected. So take your chance as soon as you can.

what is in the box?

  • 1 keycap by Jelly Key.
  • 01 Medal dog tag with engraved unique series number.
  • 01 Wooden box.
  • A unique serial number is on the bottom of the keycap as well.


  • The Naked profile is primarily designed for display purposes or for use in limited keycap slots. These keycaps are cast and given minimal painting for added effect and shadow. As a result, Naked profile keycaps are incredibly easy to clean and come with a protective painting cover.
  • The keycap was made entirely by hand and tool. The final product may vary from the original photos but at an acceptable aspect. We would love to ask you to tolerate any reasonable differences.
  • With each artisan keycap from Jelly Key, we offer you a one-on-one replacement if there is a fault that causes by our artisan team. Feel free to contact us.
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Hidden Lab, Fairy Haven, Forest Shelter, Timber Resort, All designs (4)


Springtime Bliss, Summer Serenade, Autumn Aura, Winter Whispers, All seasons (4)


SA R1, SA R3, Droplet, Naked

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