[Prototype] The new Crystal Veil series - Prototype

[Prototype] The new Crystal Veil series

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The lucky guy is dani**********32@gmail.com with number 137. Thank you, everyone, for joining. See you next time.

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Update 4 8/19/23

Finally, I have completed this collection. As this is the first series of the new collection, many challenges were presented. The end result is beyond expectations – the shimmering Milky Way bands along with the half-submerged astronauts penetrating the layer of resin truly create a stunning effect.

For this design, I’ve made it exceptionally compatible with the Cherry keyset and easy to use on a daily basis, rather than just for decoration. The weight of the keycaps has also been recalculated, reducing by 15% compared to the original design to achieve a better typing sound.

We will have four designs for this collection, along with five different button sizes: 1u, 1.5u (tab), 1.75u (caps lock), 2u (backspace), and 2.25u (enter/left-shift). The group buy will launch next Wednesday (8/23/23) at 11:00 PM (GMT+7) or 4:00 PM (UTC). As always, the prototype giveaway will take place one day before the group buy. Participate to receive your preferred prototype keycaps and everyone involved will receive a 5% coupon for this group buy.

jellykey crystal veil astro custom keycaps 507
jellykey crystal veil astro custom keycaps 0001018
jellykey crystal veil astro custom keycaps 524

Update 3 8/12/23

In crafting this 1u edition, we yearn to recapture the essence of 2016 – a nostalgia trip reminiscent of our first foray into the realm of Retro TV series. The feeling of sketching that star-spangled banner, a throwback to yesteryears rich with memories. This time, however, the flag unfurls anew, not entirely submerged in resin, but instead, it dances upon the surface, catching the breeze of possibility.

With a mosaic of 6-17 intricate pieces for each keycap, once assembled, we embark on the ballet of casting translucent resin. Presently, in this alchemical dance, we ponder various paths, ever mindful that the solution chosen must yield a result of solid integrity, an essence unfragmented, to bestow uniqueness and responsive reflections.

Our prototype strides towards completion, poised on the precipice of perfection. This juncture finds us planning a quartet of keycap sizes, a quartet of distinct themes. As per our tradition, a prototype giveaway will precede the groupbuy, a tantalizing taste of what’s to come. Remember, do not let the curtain fall on this opportunity; ensure your name is in the hat and secure your place in the saga by signing up for the email notifications when the grand curtain rises, accompanied by a generous 5% discount.

dsc06107 copy
dsc06096 copy
dsc06120 copy

Update 2 8/6/23

We set forth demanding criteria for the color scheme of the inaugural design in the Crystal Veil series. First and foremost, it must meet the criteria of vibrancy, accentuating the stars within the cosmos. Secondly, it must evoke the sensation of space’s flowing currents, akin to the way 3D elements appear to move within the 2D expanse. The varying heights, sizes, and planetary dimensions must convey the illusion of these celestial bodies gracefully hovering upon the keycap’s surface, accompanied by intrepid astronauts. To achieve the pinnacle of visual spectacle, we employed four distinct resin casting techniques in this series, each effect meticulously applied. Moreover, the minuscule size and delicate posture of the astronaut posed an additional challenge, as placing him within the keycap’s submerged resin layer required intricate precision due to the diminutive dimensions.

jellykey crystal veil astro custom keycaps 005
jellykey crystal veil astro custom keycaps 008
jellykey crystal veil astro custom keycaps 006

Update 1 7/16/23

This is a project that I am genuinely excited about, as you know. At Jelly Key, we hold an endless passion for nature and space themes. It’s been quite a while since we introduced any space-related keycaps, mainly because we were nurturing an idea for this particular project. The concept revolves around semi-submerged keycaps with protruding content encapsulated within a transparent resin layer. This presents both a design and casting challenge, as the raised portion allows us to creatively depict space effects. Along with vibrant themes, this artisan keycap set will effortlessly complement and enhance your keyboard, making it stand out.

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