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The Type Writer artisan keycap

r/mk 200k

Constellation & Pastel

For decades people have spent the majority of their working lives sitting in offices.

But while offices are still commonplace, today’s workplace has very little in common with that of our grandparents’ generation. Typewriters have given way to computers and its keyboard.

Out of all type of keyboard, mechanical keyboards are still the best in-term of style, performance, and passion of the key clackers. Furthermore, it brings a nostalgic feeling for those who care and enthusiasm about using their finger for typing things.

Take a little bit of rewind. We got ourself an old type writer. Then we started by observing the typewriter in our studio, note down some key points and work on its very first sketches.

Transformed the real-life object into drawings with pencil, markers, and papers. Line by line, little by little, the typewriter transforms to an artwork. We had:

Then we sharpened the artwork into the size of the keycap. Click by click we drew it on our computer, clack by clack the sketch of Typewriter appear on our screen. We did not forget to enhance its look by mixing the colors that we have in our studio together.

The ideas are ready to be delivered to our artisan team.

So what did the artisan do in this project?

The artisan will evaluate the design then consider which method of modeling they want. We can modeling the keycap by clay and tool or digital painting then 3D printed the master mold. Both of the process takes a lot of time and effort and require skillful hands of the artist, regardless the tool he uses.

Now this is the time our artisan play with color, resin, cool equipment…

After two weeks of modeling and molding, the Typewriter, finally, has its form and come alive with 9 color ways.


  • Digital Design by Jelly Key Artist (see our creative process)
  • It is a Cherry MX compatible
  • The stem is a new stem design from Jelly Key 
  • There are 07 design for you to choose from (2 “r/mk 200k” versions not for sale)
  • No backlit
  • Size: 1U

Group buy timeline:

  • Open groupbuy: Aug 27 GMT +7 1:00am
  • Close groupbuy: Sep 01 GMT +7 1:00am
  • Production time: 55 days


  • Two “Typewrtier – r/mk 200k” versions – Learn more about “Typewriter -r/mk 200k
  • One Constellation version
  • Six Pastel Versions, they are named as bellow:
     – Chocolate
     – Miami
     – Neon Orange
     – Pinky
     – Charcoal
     – Purple Constellation
     – Nude
Weight 0.1 kg

Miami, Neon Orange, Pinky, Charcoal, Purple Constellation, Nude, Chocolate

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