[Prototype]  Zen Pond Series: Serene Waters artisan keycaps - Prototype

[Prototype]  Zen Pond Series: Serene Waters artisan keycaps

Prototype #GIVEAWAY result

The lucky guy is mic******arkx@gmail.com, with number 606. Thank you, everyone, for joining. See you next time.

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Immerse yourself in the Eden world with the Zen Pond Series: Serene Waters – An exclusive giveaway! Join our exclusive giveaway for a chance to win an unbelievable prize:

  • Enter your email address (ensure it’s valid; we will contact you if you win).
  • We will perform three random draws using random.org, and the winner will be determined by the third number selected.
  • The lucky winner will be able to choose any keycap from our enchanting Zen Pond Series: Serene Waters collection.
  • Shipping will begin the following week, completely free of charge.
  • The giveaway ends at 11 PM on 02/02/2024 (GMT+7), coinciding with the opening of our group buy. After the giveaway ends, we will send you a 5% discount coupon for the group buy.

Don’t miss this golden opportunity to own a unique and incomparable prototype keycap from the Zen Pond series. Enter now and look forward to the exciting winner announcement in your inbox!

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Allow me to invite you into the enchanting world of our latest Zen Pond collection, where finesse and artistry seamlessly blend.

The inspiration stemmed from a tranquil afternoon as I silently observed my young son engrossed in feeding the Koi fish. In the gentle light of the setting sun, each glimmering scale painted a vivid picture, mirroring every small wave and the gentle curves of the fish upon the water’s surface. At this moment, I realized this beauty was what I yearned to capture in my Zen Pond collection. Over six years of relentless effort, we experimented to achieve perfection: recreating the image of Koi fish emerging on the water’s surface beneath a transparent layer of resin, authentically simulating every ripple, a challenge filled with creativity and persistence.

Now, after days and nights of dedicated work, we are proud to present to you not just a collection but a work of art. Take a moment to admire and feel the graceful curves of the fish, the liveliness of their tails, and each Eden-colored speck whispering its own story. They will elevate your keyboard to a new level of vibrancy and artistry.

Welcome to the five colours in this collection, fitting all sizes and styles from SA, OEM, Cherry, and Droplet. Mark your calendars for February 2nd, as we unveil the world of Zen Pond at 11 PM GMT+7, with a special prototype-giveaway event just the day before. And remember to register your email to receive a 5% discount code for this event.

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