Guardian of the East keycap

This symbol isn't only present in China, but is seen in all over eastern asian countries such as Japan, Korea, Tibet, Thailand, Burma, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Cambodia and Laos. The name of this Guardian Lion varies from these different countries, like in Japan, it is called Komainu, (Korean Dogs, due to its introduction to Japan from Korea).

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JACKPOT keyset

We were inspired from the number 7 derived from the year 2017, and 777 is also a lucky number. The keyset was also inspired from the slot machine which can possibly bring you luck in this new year. With the sounds of 'kaching!' and a feeling of satisfaction from the clicks and clacks, it *may* make you the luckiest man alive, who knows!?

CNC keycap

Our first exercise is the keycap with on Lefthanded logo on it. With this exercise we worked on material, light direction as well as the shape of the keycap."

The Maze mechanical keyboard

It has been awhile when we chose Mechanical Keyboard as our hobby, and we soon realized that the keyboards that we purchased don't satisfy us. So we decide to invest in building a keyboard for ourselves.

Starry Night keyset

The first keyset by Jelly Key team was named Starry Night after the name of an oil painting by Van Gogh as the team was inspired by the color of that masterpiece. That inspiration has continued to nourish the team’s creativity that led to the work of keyset. 

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