Artifact series – Forbidden Realm keycap (old version)

This is an upgrade of Artifact Series (Oasis/ Abyss/ Raindance). The keycap is made in the shape and size of SA Row 3.

This series is inspired by the greatness of nature and from our imaginary about the perfect place for taking a moment away from our normal life. A life that is so tiring, busying, and full of anxiety. But those place was forbidden to us.

The keycap is made with wood, grass, smoke, resin, and something that we don’t know that is the English word for it.

Those keycaps allow backlit light to shine through. There are three designs; we would like to name as bellow

Cyan Lake

The keycap was made by putting 13 pieces of wood together precisely. It has a blue lake which allows the underneath light to shine through. Above the lake is floating white cloud.

Purple Valley

The keycap was made by putting 17 pieces of wood together precisely. Together it forms a valley and a river inside. The hill is covered with green and brown grass. The water is made with purple resin, on top of that is some shiny material create surprising effect

Cloudy Cliff

The keycap was made by putting 11 pieces of wood together precisely. Together it forms a cliff, and most of inside the keycap is covered with floating white cloud.


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