Navigator of Sea handcrafted keyboard wrist rest

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Heavy rain. Whirlwind. Under the deep dark sky. Over the boundless ocean. Human vs Natural disaster. But they still feel safe. They know which way they are going. It shows the direction to them. Bring them to where they have to be. Here comes the Navigator of Sea.


glows at night

Light without energy. Noctilucous part is unreachable

the smoothest surface

Super smooth hand-processed surface

multi-curved surface

Clean, smooth rounded edges and curves for more wrist-resting comfort. Non-slippery layer

a more stable wrist

Your wrist is secure with the gripped surface.


Made of Crystal resin for durability. Easy to clean and keep sanitary

individual serial

Each item has its own serial number. The serial is laser carved then covered up with a thin layer of resin, so that it doesn’t fade.

we are handmade

The product was made with the aid of our self-made tool, and the skillful hand of our team member. You can see how your wrist rest has been done with photos bellow


The Jelly Key Wist Rest has a well-done packaging. Each piece is putting inside a cotton bag, which you can use to carry around.

For fullsize layout

  • Heigh: ~17mm (0.67inch)
  • Length: ~440mm (17.3inch)
  • Width: ~80mm (3.15inch)
  • Price: $65

For TKL layout

  • Heigh: ~17mm (0.67inch)
  • Length: ~380mm (15inch)
  • Width: ~80mm (3.15inch)
  • Price: $60

For 60% layout

  • Heigh: ~17mm (0.67inch)
  • Length: ~292mm (11.5inch)
  • Width: ~80mm (3.15inch)
  • Price: $55

**If you ever had glow in the dark stars in your room as a kid it’s like those


  • Shipping time: after the sales close 47 days
  • GB Close: 11 PM (GMT+7) 27/11/2016
  • Shipping: 10$
  • We don’t refund after group buy end

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