Syrup & Shaved Ice series artisan keycap - Jelly Key

Syrup & Shaved Ice series artisan keycap

Every single Jelly Key keycap has to go through a strict quality assurance process. Then, keycap which meets the standard will be carefully put into Jelly Wooden Box.

A little bit of shaved ice,
A little bit of syrup,
A little bit of sweet and cold,
On the tip of your tongue,
A little bit of childhood memory comes along.

Syrup has been being familiar with us since childhood. It looks simple to make a perfect taste of syrup. But, the fact is, it requires such a skillful cook to know exactly the quantity of in-need ingredients, color dyeing, and time duration. So does a Syrup Jelly Key


  • 1U Size
  • OEM profile
  • Blacklit
  • MX Switch, Topre
  • 4 Color: 
    • Red – Bloody Orange 
    • Orange – Rock Melon Cantaloupe
    • Green – Green Mints
    • Brown – Spiced Brown sugar
Weight 0.1 kg

Green Mints, Spiced Brown sugar, Rock Melon Cantaloupe


Topre, Chery MX

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