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Retro TV series – Pac Man keycap

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If you don’t know what this yellow dude with insatiable appetite is, you probably are too young or not even a gamer. Pacman, born May 1980, was originally coin-operated arcade cabinets. Along with Mario, Sonic, Tetris and Metroid, Pacman has become one of the immortal icons in the virtual world.

pac man

Yes, you already recognized the similarities with our own RetroTV keycap series, which was delivered earlier this month to all of our groupbuyers. This is another concept besides the moon, and we do have a lot of unique ideas to put inside these tiny but wonderful screen. Maybe even Stranger Things, who know?

Unfortunately, this keycap was heavily inspired by Namco Bandai’s own Pacman, for which we do not have the commercial copyrights. Thus, if anyone asks us if we can sell this unique piece, the answer will be very simple: Nope.

We were inspired by others’ works and achievements, but we also respect copyrights and everybody else’s brainchild.

pac man
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