Retro TV series – 2.25u limited edition


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“It has been 48 years since the first time humankind landed on the surface of the moon.”


After had successfully landing on the Moon, we wanted to have a walk around, and take a wider view of the Moon surface, take the view of our planet Earth from far far away on Moon, a deeper look into the sparkling space of thousand stars. What we had seen was such magnificent so that Jelly Key Team has the wish to share these widen views with you. A wish that we were desperate to make it come true. We started thinking of a widescreen TV, a combination of both modern and vintage look. And this idea finally turned our delightful: Retro TVs – Fly me to the moon Enter Keycap Version.


This design not for sale, only a small gift for Jelly Key best friend….. ( 5 keycap were made)


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