Puptopia Artisan Keycap Series - First of many - Jelly Key

Puptopia Artisan Keycap Series – First of many

It’s Lunar New Year coming!!!

Year of the Dog is about to come we make a Lunar Zodiac Animal sign keycap every year, like the sequel Rooster Keycap we’d made last year. And this year we’ll celebrate the return of Dog sign in the cycle of 12 Animal signs in Lunar Calendar.

People who born in the year of the Dog are believed to have industrious, genuine and righteous characteristics, and most of them have a good sense of humor.

Faithful, courageous, agile, smart and warm-hearted are their strength, especially in their career and love. They could be good leaders, they know how to keep secrets and inspire other people’s confidence. They’ll stay steady and would rarely change if they fall in love with someone, and some right times they could get tremendously stubborn. Above all, Dogs are candid, quick-witted and allegiant.

According to Oriental culture, people believe strange dogs come to your house bring good luck to your family. In the light of this belief, Jelly Key team hopes our Puptopia keycap series would brings you and your family great luck this year.

Puptopia keycap are hand sculpted with clay by our skillful designer, then molding and casting with resin. Different coats of each puppy are hand painted by different meaning and breed that each puppy is an emblem of. The Box of every keycap was in that way made separately, or crafted with wooden pieces, then puppies and boxes are put together. A name tag is also hand sculpted and stick to the box, with two letters “JK”, to mark where all these puppies come from.

For this up coming events we craft 3 dog-tizen(s) of Puptopia.


Valentine’s Adora-box Keycap


Valentine’s day is coming, celebration of Love is in almost everywhere. And it’s such a festival season in the East and South-East Asian countries while we’re preparing for Lunar New Year. We definitely won’t miss this sweet event, especially our Valentino Paw Keycap are designed and crafted by in-love craftsmen, Jelly Key’s atmosphere is sweeter than ever these days. A fluffy paw to hug if you’re not in a relationship is still a sugary choice for Valentine Day, don’t you agree? Jelly Key team want to bring some cute treat for our mechanical keyboard community to celebrate a soft and sweet this Valentine, and we’d love to do this next and next and next…Valentine with you.

Little snow white of this keycap is inspired us by Samoyed breed, their sweet smile is considered as a “sunny smile”, melts every heart who look at them. Its fur is as white as snow, the eyes are as black as ebony, and… the little chubby nose is like milk-strawberry candy.

Do you want Jelly Key to send it to you with love? Happy Valentine to all Jelly Key’s friends.

Year of the Dog Keycap


The silver and gold ingots are believe to carry the meaning encouraging wealthy, especially for companies and family business. These ingots are usually used for decorating widely in East and South-East Asian countries in Lunar New Year. Therefore, our Golden Fur keycap heirs that idea, it’s coated a surface gold-like, likes a golden sycee, and the box of this keycap is painted with red, a color brings good fortune in Oriental culture. It’s the first special version of our Puptopia Keycap series, as a way Jelly Key team wish you a new year with wealthy and luck.

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Valentine’s Adora-box 1, Valentine’s Adora-box 2, Year of the Dog

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