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Nebula series – Turbulance keycap

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For this project we chose SA Profile as the outer shape of the keycap. The SA keycap allows us more space to work and to create more mesmerize effect.

If you look closely into the keycap, you can see the inside part is haft of the sphere, and inside the sphere is “a turbulence”. To able to make this keycap we have to cast different pieces then put all into the size of SA keycap. The process of making this keycap remind us about the challenging of making Flag series keycap. It also shows us how our skill improvement during the past 6 months of making Artifact series.

The ideas behind of this keycap are simple “ambition of human being is endless, creativeness and courage keep people doing the impossible thing, capture the whole universe into one single keycap”. When it comes to a new idea we kind of crazy, Jelly Key team can spend hours to discuss the new concept. Together our artisans, designers, photographer, customer support agents could talk endlessly about the new concept and how we can bring it into real life

Some spec about the keycap:

  • Profile: SA
  • Compatible: MX Stem
  • Size; 1 U size
  • Backlit: Yes
  • Glow in the dark: not for this series

Discrimination: Why is there some bubble inside? You guys should by a vacuum machine. We have it, and the bubble is intentional

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