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Nebula series – Pillar of Creation keycap



What if NASA disappears tomorrow? Will we stop looking at the sky? Will we stop wondering what is waiting for us beyond the earth atmosphere? Will we stop ourselves from exploring the universe?

We think not.

We believe human instinct is what keep us exploring and getting to know what surrounds us. The fundamental reason why we travel into space, to visit the Moon, and to explore the Mars is the same motivation why we climbed the Everest, crossed Antarctica, and attempted other extreme endeavors on Earth. Curiosity, a principal driving forces that motivate us to explore the unknown ideas and territories, answers and stimulation.

Curiosity can lead people to great achievements.

Rosette Nebula

Curiosity leads us, Jelly Key, to explore the possibility of capturing the space into one single keycap. We did it several times, but it didn’t satisfy us. We did it again with Nebula – Pillar of Creation.

Pillar of Creation was destroyed around 7000 years ago, what you have seen here is just its light travel through space, and if you lived long enough, you could witness its explosion.

But our curiosity doesn’t stop us from capturing the fragment of PiIlar of Creation into a keycap.

We imaged that we jump on the Enter the Stars spaceship, acquire the “out of this world” power of Asteroid Core, travel through time and space and capture it.

Orion nebula

Every time we think about it, we experience the same sensation. One of awe and humility. And also of wonderment, thinking that our existence and the existence of the people around us, the people we loved, the people we love, and the people we will love, can’t be seen yet from the vantage point of those pillars. If there’s a spaceship around those space coordinates using magic telescopes capable of focusing on Earth and seeing details, they would not know of our existence unless they wait around for 7,000 years. For them, right now, we don’t exist.

Crab nebula

Silly us, for imaging of the impossible. But awe us for capturing the Nebula into your keycap.

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Eskimo nebula, Rosette nebula, Orion nebula, Crab nebula

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