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Nebula Fragment artisan keycap series

We just wanted to show you one of the ideas that our creative designer has been thinking about. They are inspired by the Nebula keycaps that we showed last year, and we wanted to explore how much more we could do in our designs. Please keep in mind that is just an idea in development.

Since this is the prototype for the next project, we most likely won’t put those on sale. It is a debut for our new series. We shall name it as “Nebula Fragment Series”. You can expect the upcoming release will be wow and stunning.

Why Nebula? Who doesn’t love the outer space? Who doesn’t want to explore the galaxy? Who doesn’t love to have an adventure of their life to capture witness that mind blowing view?

Why Fragment? Nebula is too big to content in a single keycap. Capture a part of it is challenging. It’ would be greedy to say this series is Nebula.

What can you expect from this series? The next version will say it all.

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