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Mysterious Enchantimals artisan keycaps

Embrace the mystique and delve into the captivating world of our enchanting keycaps collection. Meet the enigmatic characters of Enshroud, Floret, Dr. Zephyr, and Pawsome as they embark on a thrilling journey through a land veiled in darkness and enchantment.

These keycaps are cast with 100% resin to create the most spectacular colours. Each layer of resin comes in a different colour, which takes more than 16 hours to dry with each layer’s colour. It has 1u keycaps, is fitted with an MX stem, and ships within 30 days.

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mysterious enchantimals

The Enchanted Land of Extraordinary Characters

The land is shrouded in darkness and enchantment on a mysterious island in the middle of the ocean. Few dare to venture into this place, for it is rumoured that malevolent spirits and supernatural forces roam freely. Yet, it is also a realm of wonders where extraordinary characters thrive.

Enshroud, the enigmatic mummy glides silently through the shadows. Mysterious strips of fabric wrapped around his body, creating eerie ripples of spectral waves. His appearance is both terrifying and mesmerizing. Though he speaks little, his cold gaze and enigmatic expressions speak volumes. Deep within, Enshroud guards secrets about his past and the reason behind his undead existence.

Floret, the cauliflower-headed mummy, exudes charm and cuteness. She curiously observes everything around her with her large, round, bright eyes. Floret is the life of every party, bringing laughter and joy to all. Her friendly and adorable nature makes her a helpful presence in the environment. Beneath her endearing exterior lie hidden wonders and cherished memories.

The skilled healer, Dr. Zephyr, demonstrates patience and seriousness in his work. His precise and meticulous actions ensure the satisfaction of every patient he tends to. Though reserved in showing emotions, Dr. Zephyr remains focused and ready to assist others through difficult times. Behind his stoic gaze, he carries unwavering faith in the power of miracles and his abilities. Pawsome radiates a cheerful and spirited personality, always donning his cute canine costume. With his gentle and delightful appearance, he is always willing to lead the way and bring joy to every adventure.

Pawsome never turns down an opportunity for exploration, always showing dynamism and boundless energy. Beneath those lively steps, he intensely desires the magical world. Four characters, each holding unique secrets and wonders within.

Together, they will venture through peculiar encounters and uncover the truth about this bewitching land. Their journey is full of adventure and emotions, awaiting the revelation of mysteries and enchantments.

Step into the realm of wonders with “Mysterious Enchantimals” Raffle!

It’s been a while since we embarked on the thrilling journey of crafting new character figures, and the excitement is spreading! Mould by mould, I find myself enchanted in every creative moment. The joy of sculpting characters fills the surrounding space and touches everyone’s heart. I’m thrilled to share the memorable moments, and the overwhelming inspiration sculpting characters have brought. “Mysterious Enchantimals” will be a magical adventure, and I can’t wait for all of you to join me in this beautiful world of creativity!

Each keycap holds a secret, each design radiates charm, and each creation exudes its unique aura of magic. Are you ready to unlock the door to a realm filled with wonder and mystery?
Join us this week for a chance to own these mesmerizing keycaps and dive into an adventure that will enchant your senses!

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