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Mid-Autumn Festival artisan keycap

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Mid-Autumn Festival is about to come, that is a holiday for everyone a time to sit back and celebrate with their family and friends.

We at Jelly Key would love to share this precious moment with everyone by sharing our latest keycap collection. This time we walk an extra mile and a little more effort to put spirit to each keycap that we design.

Besides working on finalizing the keycap with the highest quality by caring every single detail of the design, we bring the keycap closer to the holiday.

First of all is The Lion, which performs the famous Lion Dance, an important part in the consecration of temples and other buildings, during planting and harvesting times, at business openings, official celebrations and religious rites, weddings and even red egg/ginger parties celebrating the birth of a baby.

We are not a great dancer like those who control the lion, but we can always handcraft a Lion head to celebrate the festival.

The head of the Lion is the keycap itself. Japan clay is used to make the body and carefully hand painted. We choose the color Red and Yellow as a lucky symbol in our culture. The Lion always accompanied by drum musician. Beat by beat the Lion dance along, bring joy and happiness to the audience.

The Moon Cake, always play an essential role in the Mid-Autumn Festival as a requisite treat. During the festival, it is also common for the participant to give moon cakes to their relatives and friends as presents, expressing their love and kind regards. Tea is usually used to enrich the taste of the Moon Cake.

The Moon Cake keycap is made with two layers of material, the inside part presents the stuffing, which is made of mung bean paste. The outer part is made with glutinous rice powder, which allows us to see the stuffing inside.

The Moon Rabbit keycap has a white color and hand-painted to enhance its detail. They live on the moon and very playful, hide and seek inside caves that they dig on the surface of the moon. We believe this Moon Rabbit is the cutest keycap we have designed so far. (the moon model was used in taking the photo of Fly to the moon Keycap).

In celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival, it is an important traditional custom for all participants to gaze at and appreciate the glorious full moon while it is at its brightest and roundest point of the whole year. Doing a photoshoot for The Moon, we made some lantern with Japan Clay and hand painted it. Inside each lantern is a led light to illustrate the candles inside the lantern.


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