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Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite

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Let’s admit it, you must have listened to numberless bedtime stories when you were just a little kid. Fairy tales, enchanted worlds, magical animals, prince, and princess, you name it. But it’s a solid fact that in any list of bedtime stories anywhere, they can’t be without a story about naval adventures with all the sea voyages and the unspeakable relationship between men and nature. Sounds pretty profound, right? Be prepared, because the story we’re about to tell you is about this exact genre, and it is not just any typical nautical fiction you’ve heard before. Consider this your bedtime story today as we highly recommend you read this before going to bed so that it’ll become alive and be nicely depicted in your dream.

The prologue

The story begins at the oldest fishing village that sits among a massive fiord leading towards the Northern Arctic Sea. With a relatively historical accuracy caused by the fact that it happened a very long time ago, let’s refer to the village as Luneburg.

It was a beautiful day at Luburg, the sky was blue and the sun was shining brightly. There was barely a visible wave across the whole fiord, giving an amazing and scary scene at the same time. To an ordinary person, it would have been a great day to go out and enjoy some fun with their family, or even to just take a small walk around the village. But for an experienced fisherman, it was no good sign at all. As most people say, there’s often a calm before the storm.

The test of love and willpower

Halem – perhaps the most small-boned fisherman in Luburg village, made a bold decision that day to embark on a deep-sea voyage as he promised his wife a fish catch that’s large enough to supply their family for a whole year. Seeing all these signs of an upcoming troubled fishing trip, Halem ignored them all. Every single villager in Luburg warned him of this dangerous trip, as it all appeared to them as a catastrophe waiting to happen, and could even cost his life. 12 years of fishing experience spoke against him over Halem’s enduring love for his family. Still committed to what he had planned before, Halem prepared all the necessary gears with extreme caution. To face what’s coming ahead of him, he had made serious reinforcements for his small yet extremely firm fishing boat, a double-decker wooden boat with sufficient windows on the side to keep track on the water level more easily in the lower deck. All things done, Halem set sail to everyone’s disapproval.

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Did it make him, or break him?

It did not take long before the predicted storm finally came. And it was the most strange storm Halem had ever seen. It was horribly strong with massive wind force, attacking Halem and his boat with no mercy. As it gradually gained strength, the boat was like its playing toy, being smashed with continuous surging waves and heavy thunder in the background. But, the boat was never sunk. Out of the blue, the storm started to form crowds of multi-colored waves, and they magically put together a giant portal. Amazed and terrified, Halem was slowly taken to the other side of this rainbow portal.

Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite

A heavenly ocean-filled world opened in front of his eyes. This wondersea land beyond the portal was a place of true magic. It was all covered by seawater but almost everything can be grown here. All the trees and plants were extremely enormous, picture this: an apple here could make you full for a whole day without eating anything else. Halem came to realize that this place was no home of any inhabitants, and he couldn’t let such a fertile land come to waste. He hurriedly found the way back to Luburg, and took everyone to this wondersea. Who could have known the smallest fisherman in a small fishing village can discover a spectacular place like that? After this legendary voyage was finished, Halem was dubbed “Columbus of the Sea” as he truly deserved it. And that is how the history of the oldest fishing village in the Northern Arctic Sea was made.


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