Constellation line 2 artisan keycap - Jelly Key

Constellation line 2 artisan keycap

Every single Jelly Key keycap has to go through a strict quality assurance process. Then, keycap which meets the standard will be carefully put into Jelly Wooden Box.


  • Handcrafted by Joiha
  • Designed by Jelly Key
  • Cherry MX compatible

Inspired by the cosmos, these four keycaps represent the work of the Jelly Key team and the artisans at Joinhandmade. And it’s not just the names of the keycaps—Cassiopeia, Betelgeuse, Bellatrix, and Kepler—that channel this sense of space. The Constellation Series is made to actually look like an artistic rendering of the heavens. Beautiful in their deep coloration, the keycaps are crafted to interact with the backlighting of a keyboard, with flecks of what appears to be cosmic dust glinting like gold under the sun.


A Painstaking 6-Step Process

From top to bottom, the keycaps are smooth to the touch and feature soft edges. That’s because each Jelly Key requires six phases of complex hand-processing to complete its simplistic design. Careful craftwork of the double-layer finish creates the deep, rich, and ultimately galactic theme. The keys are precisely abraded over several hours, requiring absolute concentration, to achieve the smooth body. This is truly a unique, handmade piece that no mass-produced product can rival.

Weight 0.1 kg

Kepler, Cassiopeia, Betelgeuse, Bellatrix

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