Asteroid Mining artisan keycap series - Jelly Key

Asteroid Mining artisan keycap series

Searching for the magical asteroid

After hours of exploring the sandy desert, we started to see a wavey mirage in the distance, but the mirage – was iridescent. We thought we’ve lost our minds because of the desert heat, though, it wasn’t hot at all. In fact, the atmosphere had started to cool down. We feel like we are getting closer, but the mirage looked so far away.

Aguas- Blue – 19 Fortuna


Krypton- Green – 99942 Apophis


Frostia- White – 854 Frostia


As we got further in our ship, and closer to what seemed like the mirage, it became clearer, and this mesmerizing lustrous display of floating ribbons of a translucent and brilliant, light, surrounded us. The ribbon would move around us, and colours would show up and shimmer under the beautiful light. A mysterious purple glow shone the strongest.

Each ribbon of light flowed differently. No two ribbons would be identical. The ribbons played around us for a while until the playfulness froze, and the light turned into these beautiful rocks, almost like gems. they turned what was like pieces of a magical asteroid.
These keycaps have brilliant and mesmerizing visual effects when shine under a bright light, a purple glow shows up on the keycap under a switch LED. The sides are smooth and glossy, making sure the holographic effect shines through and shows you its glory.

Each top of the keycap is unique, and no two keycaps are exactly the same.

The images don’t display the effect as well as it does in real life, though the video will tell you the magic that we have discovered.

Weight 0.1 kg

Krypton – Green – 99942 Apophis, Aguas – Blue – 19 Fortuna, Frostia – White – 854 Frostia, Flora – Pink – 8 Flora, Ceres – Yellow – Ceres


Cherry MX, Topre

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