Ancient Flame artisan keycap - Jelly Key

Ancient Flame artisan keycap

This crystal has the power to record a significant event that happened at some point during a long history of humanity. Each of those events sharps the world as we seen it. Its origin is still a mystery to us.

If someone has an ability to read the pattern of the crystal, they have the power to predict the future. They can also use this artifact to jump through time to witness the event and also a power to change its outcome. This product line is a fusion of two or more type of material into one single keycap. The surface of the product is well-polished, which gives a great reflection effect. The material inside is soild, and the stem is well-fix. Each keycap of this series doesn’t have the same pattern due to handcraft method; thus each of them is one of a kind.

Every single Jelly Key keycap has to go through a strict quality assurance process. Then, keycap which meets the standard will be carefully put into Jelly Wooden Box.


  • Size: 1 U
  • Backlit: Yes
  • Profile: JellyKey Profile
  • MX stem, Topre stem
Weight 0.1 kg

Cherry MX, Topre

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