Lost Cities 3 – The Mad Future art toy - Jelly Key

Lost Cities 3 – The Mad Future art toy

We are so excited to inform you that we develop a special version of the keycap from Lost City series. In this collection, we just launched a limited quantity as a gift on behalf of our gratitude to our valued customers

Like its original version – Lost Cities 3, this design requires more concentration in casting the base and the details inside. As this keycap is considered a special gift, we put a higher level of sophistication into the design and production to express our sincere thanks.

lost cities 3 – the mad future art toy

To cast the base, this limited edition needs more than 2-3x times of working hours as a regular version. Each layer of the base is cast one by one. We do the first layer and wait for it to dry; then we move to the second layer. In the same way, we do it again and again until the last layer gets done. If we are in hurry for this step, some mistakes may occur that lead us to start doing it from the beginning. Frankly, we do not worry about taking time, we are just afraid to bring you imperfection.

In addition, casting the details inside such as grass, street lights, … also puts strong pressure on us as our mission is to shape these super small items realistically and perfectly/ precisely.

All our constant effort to devote to this exceptional gift is the greatest way to thank you for the love and support you have given us. We truly appreciate all of you more than we could express.

This limited keycap design is officially introduced and giveaway like a gift, not for sales, only 2 x77 keycaps were made.

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