This is only the keycaps stand (or display box)  and does not include the keycaps. If you want to buy the Space Odyssey Artisan keycaps, please visit this page.

This stand is not just a surface to display keycaps, but also carries a story of creativity. With an appearance similar to a planet in the universe, the stand is made with meticulous care and precision, creatively shaping every detail.

On the surface of this unique planet, you will find a brave astronaut, like a person exploring the vast universe. This symbolizes the spirit of adventure and the desire to explore, which each keycap represents. Next to it, a robot chicken wearing a rocket engine is floating in the air, an exciting and humorous image that adds creativity and uniqueness to the stand.

The stand also includes a keycap case with a transparent lid, allowing you to see every detail of your collection from every angle. The case protects your keycaps from dust and damage, and is a part of the unique story that the stand brings.

With this stand, you can not only display your keycaps, but also convey a message of exploration, creativity, and uniqueness. Add this unique element to your workspace or display space, and make your keycap collection even more special and impressive.

Each detail of the product is cast with 100% resin

The Crystal Veil Series: Space Odyssey Keycap Display Stand and Storage Box is made from 100% resin, a high-quality and durable material. Resin is waterproof, moisture-proof, and dust-proof, helping to protect keycaps from the harmful effects of the environment.

Dimension: 90x70x130mm.

** The flag in the prototype keycaps photos (1u & display stand)  is reversed. However, the flag will be correct when you receive the keycaps.

jellykey crystal veil astro custom keycaps 000106
jellykey crystal veil astro custom keycaps 0001011
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Universe Box, Display stand

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