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Making next Artifact keycap series – A winter-themed forbidden realm

With higher topography and wooden layer piling skill, Frozen Realms Artifact series is what we predicted in our Artifact series making Tour: with 16 wooden layers at maximum number inner the limit height of a SA Row 1 cap. Jelly Key can now bring you to a state-of-the-art Forbidden Realms, it’s Frozen Realms in which […]

keycap maker

Desires of Jelly Key makers: Michael Nguyen & Stephen Ngo

[…Before you wise, you must be stupid first, in this case, Jelly Key like to say it our way, “Before you’re a man, you must be a boy first.” Ya, we didn’t mean that boys all are not so wise, just want to speak about our designer Michael Nguyen and artist Stephen Ngo. Yep, they

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