project JK car for a mission on mars

For hundreds of years, humankind has always been craving for continued evolution. They constantly look for new ways to work, invent new machines to run the algorithm, create new ideas, and turn them into reality to make our lives a bit easier day by day. And right now, it’s a new place to live that we’re talking about. Of all the things that humans have accomplished, reaching somewhere beyond Earth’s atmosphere is barely considered a significant step in our progressive evolvement as they still have very limited intelligence of what’s going on out there…

The Mars Keycaps

At Jelly Key, we try to put our hearts in every little thing we do, as we believe that’s how masterpieces are made. With that in mind, the boxes that carry your keycaps also matter to us, to a great extent. The stories behind them can never be a dull moment, even for the way of containing them, this we can promise you!

latest update on package redesigning

impact on international delivery update

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my Jelly

This is where we share the photo of Jelly Key owner. the place where you can see a hand on photo of Jelly Key product as well as experience of it’s owner.

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