Zephyr keyboard case

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Jelly Key is introducing a new production line. Code name: Zephyr

Tag along with our newest artisan case. We were working on something that was machine made this time, but with the beauty of the product controlled by the human brain. We wanted to make something that was a combination between the human world and the machine world, or, you could say it is a fusion of the human spirit and the power and automation of the mighty machine. Industrial design and the art created by human craftsmanship should flourish.

After a year of working on smaller things like keycaps and earphones, and with the experience we have acquired from creating these products, we want to keep innovating with new designs and items, to induce lucid imaginations, as we dive deeper into the mechanical keyboard realm. We spent a considerable amount of time on learning more about industrial design, CNC, and metallic materials to create something we haven’t done before.

Our team may not be the coolest or the suavest amongst the rest out there (we do look cool when we’re not sweating), but we have the raw guts and bravery to try new things, even though it would cost us a few nights of comfortable dinner. Everything is good as it as a learning experience for us, and we have limitless freedom for creativity and imagination.

After many failed attempts, eight months of planning, calloused fingers and hot Vietnamese summer days (everyday) doing metalwork in the machining factory, we finally present to you our new 60% keyboard case made out of aluminum.

We believe that the 60% keyboard is designed for the purpose of being compact and portable, and in this *case* it should be light-weight. We also won’t forget about that one certain clacker who is deeply in love with LEDs, so this case is designed to be shine-through.

The silhouette of the case is simple as it is a floating key design, which means the switchtop is exposed, so you can show off those switch stickers or modded switch tops you have, or even the colour of the switch stem if the switch housing is translucent. This type of case brings out the best of your keyboard modding abilities.

The top case is a uni-body design in which is CNC’d out of a solid block of aluminum, and the bottom case plate is interchangeable. This plate can be swapped out with acrylic (clear plastic), artisan plates, metal plates – you name it!

By default, the bottom case plate is clear plastic, so that the LEDs on the keyboard can glow under the chassis of the case.

  • Design by: Jelly Key
  • Produce by: Joiha
  • *This case can use with Trinity Kicker


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