Trinity kicker

This model not for sale yet.

It is a triangular aluminium bar containing 20 neodymium magnets.The Kicker effortlessly attaches onto the Jelly Case as the magnets snap onto it, and it also feels sturdy as you type. This gives the clacker the elevation they need, for speed (or comfort).

We created this because many people like typing on flat profiles, and plenty others also prefer typing on elevated profiles. We wanted to cater to the different tastes that the community has to offer, and with this Kicker, you can customise the look and feel of your most prized (materialistic) possession, the mechanical keyboard.

The material of the Jelly Kicker is solid aluminium for now. We are planning to make the kicker in different materials such as resin or wood in our next version.

It may remind you of the delicious toblerone, but this kicker is not for human consumption!

Stay tuned!

  • Design by: Jelly Key
  • Produce by: Joiha
  • Design will be released soon!


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