It's time to say goodbye.

"Hey all,

Life is tough for the Jelly Key crew right now. We are at a point of our lives where I guess we're in the middle of a mid-life crisis. During the past several months, out team had to face many critical issues. After many debates fought with blood, sweat, and tears, we have to brutally announce that Jelly Key is shutting down the studio. Yes. We are shutting down our studio, once and for all.

The team will be fine as we have submitted out CVs and sent it to several local companies. Hopefully these jobs can help us bring food to our table. 

Whilst we wait for our emmployers to contact us, we are working on a coffee shop nearby. The artisan team are working as kitchen hands. Our designer and photographers are currently the baristas. The customer support team is our wait staff. We have a company pup named Xôi. She is a young pug who needs a home. To anyone who lives in Ho Chi Minh, if you need company? We ould love you to take care of our precious pug.

We will definitely miss working with our hobbies. Thank you for being with Jelly Key the whole way. We are still shipping out the last and final orders.

Once again. Thank you for supporting Jelly Key."


Man for sale

Tran Manh Hung

  • Skill set: Design UI/UX, knows a bit of programming, can use Google, knows how to download things from the internet, food vacuum cleaner. 
  • Desired Job: flyer designer, some IT guy, professional sandwich designer.

Pham Hoang Son

  • Skill set: Social media, marketing, business, content development, knows how to make things up.
  • Desired Job: hanging flyers, forum seeder, cashier, writer. 

Lam Cam Duong

  • Skill set: Microsoft Office, Google Docs, Accounting, Basic Math
  • Desired Job: cashier, accountant, typist, typing for food, etc.. :)
Nguyen Thien Thuy.jpg

Nguyen Thi Thien Thuy

  • Skill set: customer support, pug petting,
  • Desired job: belong to where Xôi belong

Ngo Ky Quang

  • Skill set: creative, handcrafting, designing, molding, soldering
  • Desired job: a job that requires me to use my hands. Can build custom keyboards for food. 
Tran Minh Tan.jpg

Nguyen Nhat Tan:

  • Skill set: creative, handcrafting, designing, molding, soldering, 
  • Desired job: a job that requires using hands and tools, and gives me a lot of time to sleep. Video gamer?


Nguyen Thien Nhat

  • Skill set: price negotiations, buying things, counting money
  • Desired Job: cashier, pizza delivery, Grab bike/ Uber bike, mafia boss, etc...


  • Skill set: eat, sleep, pooping, testing keycaps
  • Desired job: eat, sleep, pooping, testing keycaps

Website for Sale - Starting bidding price: 1USD
Version 10.0 with nothing to show.
Took too much time to build nothing - Starting bidding price: 1 USD
Built with extremely high tech
1,000 article
10 GB of high res photo
A place of awesomeness
10,000 men hours - Starting bidding price: 1 USD
Built with outer space technology
100 products
20,000 customer
25,000 orders
2,000 men hours - Starting bidding price: 1 USD
90 projects
20 brands
Website is expired due to late payment, we are brok
1,000 men hours

Office for rent

100 more people with various random skill set such as: bird watching, LCD screen starring, keyboard cleaning, paper throwing, messing thing up, gardening, figure out how much time is left before sunset, quickly convert weeks into minutes, Trap a fly in hand, draw perfect circle, moving ears, disassemble and then reassemble pens in no time, put legs behind head, excellent at making omelettes, master of making instant noodle, etc....

Desired job: anything that bring us some food.

Joiha Workspace: Starting Bidding Price (monthly rental): 100 USD

  • 5 floors building
  • 9 rooms
    • 1 Studio
    • 1 Artisan Room
    • 1 Entertainment room
    • 1 Digital Room
    • 1 Sleeping Room
    • 1 Staff Room
    • 1 Showroom
    •  1 Storage 
    • 1 Do nothing room-  Is going to turn everything into coffee shop if no one want to rent it