Mediterranean Beach Resort keycap

Mediterranean Beach Resort keycap

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Is it the salty taste of the sea, the chill and warm feel of the ocean wind, or just that relaxing feeling of escaping from normal life on the mainland that makes an island vacation so unique? Despite the exact reason, islands make brilliant holiday destinations, and nowhere more so than in the Mediterranean in summer.

There's something unquestionably sensual about the Mediterranean: The sea wind, the interesting history, the unique architecture, the kindly people, the mouthwatering cuisine, and -- beyond doubt -- the extensive views, of both city and sea, certainly don't hurt either.

You have work and study so hard, and now this is the time to reward yourself.  For the first time, Jelly Travel agency will take you to Mediterranean for your summer vacation.

The freshly built Mediterranean Beach Resort, by Jelly Key team welcomes you to a hospitable environment. A resort of exceptional quality and style, Med Beach Resort Hotel is the perfect destination for those seeking natural beauty, deluxe accommodations, the finest cuisine, and a world-class service.

We have created an extraordinary masterpiece that promises the experience of ideal holidays.

This property is 1-minute walk from the beach. Overlooking the clear blue waters and over 3.1 miles of golden sandy beach. The 5-star resort offers a sea-facing pool and a fully equipped spa center with sauna and hammam.

Resort Profile:

  • It is a Cherry MX compatible
  • Light inside can shine through the windows of the asset  
  • The glass like powder is glued on top of the keycap. You can literally feel it texture
  • There are 02 design for you to choose from

What type of this sale? It is a flagship, first come first serve.

How many keycaps available? 10 keycaps each design