Eskimo nebula - Nebula series - Pillar of Creation keycap

Eskimo nebula - Nebula series - Pillar of Creation keycap

Join flagship sale

11h PM GMT+7

Thanks for waiting, this is the first time we doing this style of sale. So do let me know if we see anything that needs to be improved in term of the process.

For the first time, we open the flagship sale for our product. First is to test the production, second is to let us a chance to possess one of our newest creation. 

We have four design of Nebula Fragment: Pillar of Creation, 05 of each keycap will be handcrafted for the time being. Each will come with a small gift from us.

  • The flagship sale open time:
  • Close time: as soon as it out of stock
  • Handcrafting time: 10 days
  • Delivery time: 2-4 weeks depends on your location
  • Price: $80 (If we happen to make a GB for it and the price is lower, we will send you a coupon with a value of the different)
  • Don’t wait, you may miss it forever.
  • Only one keycap will be sold for one person/ one address/ one billing information. You will get a refund if you try to purchase more than 1.

A little bit about the price, you may wonder why this keycap cost so much. Generally, Jelly Key of this style and design takes a lot of effort and skill to finish one keycap, and it is around $50, the price includes high-quality packaging. 

With this kind of small run, the cost needs to be rise to cover the initial development cost. It may be our lost, or it may be our gain. If thing goes well, and we are able to produce more, the price of this product in the next sale will be lower.

Anyone participate in this sale will get a special gift from us. We are not sure what it is, but we are working on it