[Charity] A Holiday gift from Jelly Key & the MK Community - Charity

[Charity] A Holiday gift from Jelly Key & the MK Community

Thank you to everyone who joined the Jelly Key ‘First Light’ raffle!

There were many had doubts about our raffle. To those who didn’t doubt us, thank you. To those who did, worry not! Jelly Key is here to surprise you.

2016 has nearly come to an end. Christmas time is at its prime, and we should all have a good time! Tis’ the holiday season and gift giving, kindness, honesty and love is done for a good reason.

The winner of this raffle will receive their gift on Christmas, and everyone who participated in this raffle – you not only have gotten the chance to receive, but you have most definitely given for a good cause!

Some statistics from the raffle

  • Number of participants: 356
  • Number of ticket sold (Max 2 tickets/ person): 622
  • Total in USD: $933
  • Total after Paypal fees: $892     
  • Shipping Cost: $6
  • 1 First Light Keycap from Jelly Key team Priceless (a gift from the team)

We Donated Those Money To

  • $300 goes to Unbound for sponsoring children and families who live in poverty.
  • $300 goes to Hieuvetraitim a Vietnamese charity fund that aids people in poor living conditions, and children with heart problems.
  • $286 goes to Red for healthy and AIDS free generation.

To those who stayed with Jelly Key in 2016, thank you so much for supporting us! Jelly key is a small team consisting of different skills and talents. We are so pleased to have our work praised in so many ways. It encourages us to strive, and do better. We also apologise for the many mishaps along the way, but it’s thanks to the community for pointing it out to us, so that we can learn from our mistakes, and improve to create a better product.

Thank you for being with Jelly Key in 2016.
We hope to see you again next year.

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