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“It has been 48 years since the first time humankind landed on the surface of the moon.”

Sound familiar? Hope you still remember our trip to the Moon in Retro TV series – Fly me to the Moon Keycap. That was one of the most greatest experiment ever!

After had successfully landing on the Moon, we wanted to have a walk around, and take a wider view of the Moon surface, take the view of our planet Earth from far far away on Moon, a deeper look into the sparkling space of thousand stars. What we had seen was such magnificent so that Jelly Key Team has the wish to share these widen views with you. A wish that we were desperate to make it come true. We started thinking of a widescreen TV, a combination of both modern and vintage look. And this idea finally turned our delightful: Retro TVs – Fly me to the moon Enter Keycap Version.


This Enter Keycap concept has 9 combinations and also has two main parts for each key:

The old style Television (widescreen) with 3 different colors”

  1. Orange Bark (with blue)
  2. Deep Periwinkle (with yellow)
  3. Arctic Mint (with magenta)

The top (as the content which is shown on the television)”

  1. Blue Little Dot – BLD
  2. Lunar Crust Sonata – LCS
  3. Infinity and Beyond – I&B

As you could see in the Blue Little Dot keycap –  which was the enlarge version of  FTTM Flag on Keycap, there had been the appearance of our Blue Planet  – Earth, again took us double meticulousness than FTTM Flag on keycap,  to mix the material to make the Earth cover with clouds and carefully place them on the TV screen with the Moon and the Flag. Do you know that our Earth also rise and set while viewing from the Moon? But that experience only can record by spacecraft which is in orbit around the Moon, not by human on Moon

(Suddenly some of us wish to be a spacecraft, once in their life).

Can you tell us how do you feel about the view of our Blue Planet from far away on Moon? Not very different than the way the Moon looks to us but more colorful right?

download (1)
Image from robotic Kaguya spacecraft in 2007

Jelly Key Team has came back to Earth after the voyage to the Moon, we’re so excited discussing another space traveling in the near future, next destination could be the planet next door – Mars. Will you join us next time? Shall we go? We’re looking forward to seeing you with your space suit with us. See you!

Weight 0.1 kg
TV color

Orange Bark (with blue), Orange Bark (with blue), Orange Bark (with blue), Deep Periwinkle (with yellow), Deep Periwinkle (with yellow), Deep Periwinkle (with yellow), Arctic Mint (with magenta), Arctic Mint (with magenta), Arctic Mint (with magenta)

Content inside

Blue Little Dot, Lunar Crust Sonata, Infinity and Beyond, Blue Little Dot, Lunar Crust Sonata, Infinity and Beyond, Blue Little Dot, Lunar Crust Sonata, Infinity and Beyond


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