Jelly Cakeboard Backspace artisan keycap



Would you like to come to Jelly Key birthday party? Our chefs had carefully prepared a sweet birthday cake for us to celebrate our 2nd birthday party together.

We’d like to call this cake “the Jelly Cakeboard”, the name Cakeboard is the combination of “cake” and “keyboard”. Because it was made to look like a mechanical keyboard!!! We just erased the letter “y” and made a small surgery to sew them together. Ba da boom!

The Jelly Cakeboard keycap has 3 layers. Chiffon cake is at the bottom, it’s sweet, soft and smooth, and smells like egg heaven. The middle layer is whipped cream mixed with colorful sprinkles, this layer has a slightly sweet taste, goes well with the top chocolate layer that is decorated with white and dark chocolate, white marshmallows and pink chocolate. Our skillful chefs formed a chubby 60% layout keyboard cake with all these little chubby sweets. Applause for them.

Jelly Cakeboard keycap is made in backspace cap size, SA profile.This to-cause-sweet-tooth keycap design has 2 versions, they have same bottom and middle layers, and distinguished by top layer, which were named by their differences in below:

  1. Brownie Hooligan – a version presents for humor and enthusiasm. Top layer’s got dark chocolate cream formed as a case, white and peach marshmallow pretended to be keycaps.
  2. Pinky Hooligan – version that presents the sweetness and playful. Top layer’s got strawberry cream formed as a case, white and blueberry marshmallow pretended to be keycaps.

Let’s lit the candles and sing a Happy Birthday song with us, Jelly Key family will make a wish with your witness, blow the candles, and let the smoke carries our wish into the universe. We’ll taste it in our 2nd birthday party. Who wants a bite?

Happy birthday Jelly Key!

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Brownie Hooligan, Pinky Hooligan


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