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Human seems like to describe a natural sights by comparing them to gems. Just because their beauty – the natural sight – are such breathtaking that make us want a metaphor that only few words to describe the delicacy beauty and the preciousness of nature. Mostly when the sunshine touches the crystal clear water in different time, combining with the qualities of the water at some moment of life, causing charming sceneries that make you want to keep your eyes open just to grab all these beautiful memories into your brain since you see it.


Therefore, Jelly Key wants to bring you a new collection of Natural Metaphors, that help you keep the precious moments of these alluring sceneries with you forever.

The Natural Metaphors Keycap

Turquoise Cascade

Silver water bubbles, glittering on the waterfall, make us imagine of an underwater fairies party. They’re gathering together and their aqua pixie dust flickering the water.

P. Orchid Quartz Canyon

In 2015, according to “…wildlife experts decided to clean the water way in Millcreek Canyon with a chemical agent to neutralize another chemical that’s clearing the creek of non-native fish.” Caused the stream the non usual look with purple color, like the color of dark phalaenopsis orchid bloom.

Caribbean Opal Island

Comparing to an opal gem covered by blue ocean, it reflects the crystal Caribbean blue color of the water on layers of sand.

Emerald Stream

A perfect reflection of the sunshine by the phytoplankton in the water stream.

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Caribbean Opal Island, Turquoise Cascade, P. Orchid Quartz Canyon, Emerald Stream


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