Zephyr keyboard case

Tag along with our newest artisan case. We were working on something that was machine made this time, but with the beauty of the product controlled by the human brain. We wanted to make something that was a combination between the human world and the machine world, or, you could say it is a fusion of the human spirit and the power and automation of the mighty machine. Industrial design and the art created by human craftsmanship should flourish. 

Trinity kicker

We created this because many people like typing on flat profiles, and plenty others also prefer typing on elevated profiles. We wanted to cater to the different tastes that the community has to offer, and with this Kicker, you can customise the look and feel of your most prized (materialistic) possession, the mechanical keyboard. It may remind you of the delicious toblerone, but this kicker is not for human consumption! 

Serenity - Mosaic keyboard case

A glass mosaic is usually made by breaking glass, say, glass bottles, then these tiny shards or broken glass are then sorted out and put together like pieces of a puzzle.Nowadays, these mosaics are used in all sorts of ways. As a feature wall in a room, to brighten up a public place in the city, or as an art piece in a museum. Today, it is displayed in a 60% resin casted mechanical keyboard case. 

Serenity - Collision keyboard case

The Serenity keyboard case is an eyecatching display of colours that give your keyboard a brilliant and warm artisan feel. The colour mix and matching can be coordinated with your keysets, artisans, custom cables, and cool kickers that you choose to your heart's content. The case is hand polished and casted to ensure that the fusion of colours glimmer underneath your eyes as light hits the Serenity keyboard case. Our artisan Serenity keyboard case creator hopes to bring you joy and warmth with the soothing mixture of floating colours that dwell on your precious keyboard.