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The Dream Walkers – Cat Knights

Steven’s sleep continued to be disturbed by visions – visions of a cat-man with big eyes and trust-worthy look, half earnest, half sweet.“I’m Trevor, one of the Cat Knights in Dream Realm. We’re called brilliant detectives for our stunning ability of investigation.” The knight greeted.

These keycaps are cast with 100% resin to create the most spectacular colours. Each layer of resin comes in a different colour, which takes more than 16 hours to dry with each layer’s colour. The Cat is 1u keycaps, fitted with MX stem and shipping within 30 days.

Email me when you open raffle sales.

See you weekly Saturday, and raffle form will open at 11h PM, GMT+7.

Ding dong! our keycaps have arrived at your doorstep

Finally, our first batch of Zen Pond IV and Cyborg Snails have reached new homes. Our team has received lots of feedback from our valued customers. Through awesome pictures from these feedbacks, we really feel how excited all of you are. It is such a great encouragement for our team to work more efficiently.

In this state of joyfulness, our team speeds up to get the keycaps of these 2 series done within this month. Zen Pond team has finished many keycap packs and rollers with different colors and profiles. After getting through the QC check process, they are immediately on the way for the shipping.

Jelly Key artisan keycaps

Let’s go back to the beginning, to the origin of our core philosophy: artisanship. we will discover the depth of this word, to understand why it plays a vital role in everything we do. And most importantly, in how we make artisan keycaps at Jelly Key.

My Jelly

This is where we share the photo of Jelly Key keycaps owner. the place where you can see a hand on photo of Jelly Key product as well as experience of it’s owner.

Our keycaps are purely handcrafted by talented artisans. Thank you for being there with your time from 2015

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