Month: May 2017


It’s worth the wait!

Oasis is being packed. Your long waited keycap(s) is about to leave our studio all at once.
It would take us this weekend to package all of the keycap. Then we will send it to fulfillment facility, which would take around 10 days to arrive at fulfillment service in US and China. 

jelly key

Jelly Key birthday card & how we made it

Calligraphy handwriting birthday card from Jelly Key. We stand for handcrafted product, so we think it is appropriate to write you a birthday wish with pen and ink. Every birthday card is a unique one, individually customized with your name on it. Hope you guys like it.


Flagship sale & another group-buy

I do apologize for any inconvenience that causes you, but eventually, we have a lively moment both “negatively”e and “positively.” I think this is very common in this community, and it is why we enjoy of staying with this hobby.


Our flagship sale

As you may know, we created many prototypes and chose some of those prototypes for pre-order (group buy). You and we know that it is not an effective way to maintain our creativity activities since we created something that is unusual.

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